not (kotchspotting) wrote in thebroadways,

a little thanksgiving broadways cheer

this song came on my iTunes randomly today, thought it was sort of ironic (although it would be more ironic if it happened tomorrow)

third graders holding hands indians and
pilgrims celebrating new found lands
they tried to teach me that at school
make the white race look superior-it's always been their rule
now i can't believe we celebrate thanksgiving as a holiday of unity and peace
if i had my way, we'd all dress in black
and daddy would serve up the white meat
cuz genocide is nothing to celebrate, extinction doesn't deserve a parade
and we perpetuate these lies with the turkeys that we buy
i tried explaining to my mom but she's too afraid to admit to herself
that her race is a killing machine
take a look around your town and who do you see?
the native american is surprisingly absent in
his own indigenous land
do you want to know why? it's cuz we killed them all
it's not that hard to understand, yeah
so i go to college and you know what i learned?
that 80 million people were killed by my grandpa
your grandpa and all of their friends
they bleached out our continent but that's not the end
the last full blooded aborigine died a century ago
if it's possible there's a place in the southern hemisphere
with a history even worse than our home
no one finds it peculiar that a tropical island is
full of people just like you and me
but australia's a piece of shit floating in the pacific
buoyed by the blood of the aborigine.
buoyed by the blood of the aborigine.
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