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thebroadways's Journal

i think that i shall never see...
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i woke up the other day walked out to blue suburban skies, skies filled with dreams and butterflies and i wondered to myself- how do i fit in this game? just a nameless face or faceless name. then i remembered an old friend of mine, how we'd watch tv all night and tell each other about our dreams, but i don't see him no more, no. light a cigarette and watch this day go by, burned another six minutes to the sky. i need a fucking answer but i guess that's why we live this life, a constant search for something right. now my mind is wondering how am i going to get fucked up today, light a bowl and see it all fade away- it happens everyday.

community dedicated to perhaps one of the best punk rock bands of the 1990's, the broadways. they existed from 1996-1998. the band consisted of former members of slapstick and tricky dick. members of the broadways and their former bands have gone on to form bands such as alkaline trio, the lawrence arms, less than jake, tuesday, and the honor system.

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