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hello kids

christmas/holiday/winter break is upon us, and I have 4 or 5 weeks of pretty much not doing anything important. Last night i had this premonition to write a story, but I was wondering what it should be about. Well somewhere along the way I had the idea that the story should be based in Chicago, and then I had the premonition that I should write it loosely based on one of my favorite records. The only appropriate records I could think of for a story like this were from the Slapstick family tree, and I finally decided that I would write it using Broken Star. I'm not sure how long this thing is gonna be, but i am kind of excited to write it. I plan to weave a fictional story into the songs, like, each kind of "chapter" (this is not going to be of book length) will be about one particular song, and done in order. The story will flow along with the record, but anyone should be able to follow the story without any knowledge of the record itself.

I think there are ideas like this out there, theres a thing going on now on broadway where someone writes a musical around an artists works and includes their songs exclusivly in the musical, I think theres one based on some of Billy Joels songs and stuff. I dunno if I've ever heard anyone writing a book in this fashion, but I am sure it has been done before. Anyway, who knows how long this will take me to write, but if anyone wants a look at it or anything lemme know, i'd be happy to share.
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