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Stir It Up is a toronto based youth activist organization.  we are holding the second annual Hungry4Change youth activist conference along with other youth organizations. it's an awesome event filled with workshops and information about every issue imaginable. please read the link for more info.
If you're interested in coming but do not live in the toronto area, depending on our funds, we can fly (or bus) you in from wherever you live and there will always be someone willing to let you crash at their house.

Background: In May 2003, several hundred youth gathered in Toronto for the first Hungry4Change youth activism conference. Organized by Stir It Up (Toronto's youth activist network), the Toronto Environmental Alliance Youth Caucus, and the Youth Action Network, it was run entirely by youth and free to all participants. The weekend opened with a panel discussion entitled "Youth Resistance: Perspectives On Youth Activism". Next, participants attended seven of twenty-eight workshops on everything from Hip-Hop Culture and Resistance, to Running for Office, to Sexual Diversity, to Free Trade and Globalization, and beyond. On Sunday afternoon, some participants broke off from regular workshops to create visual and performance art. They presented their work before the weekend closed with a coalition-building session. Mission & Organizers: This year, Hungry4Change is back, with a mission to bring together and network active, radical and interested youth to learn and discuss issues of social justice, as well as grassroots youth activism. The organizing collective is composed of several youth groups, including Stir It Up, the Canadian Federation of Students, the Ontario Young Peoples' Alliance, the Toronto Youth Cabinet, the AGO Teen Council, Five Minutes to Midnight, the Rebel Youth Network, the Youth Action Network, and many more. (More  youth group organizers are still welcome.) New This Year: Hungry4Change II will differ from last year in a number of ways. This year's summit is open to youth 25 and under, rather than youth under 21. It will also be longer, spanning four days (April 29 - May 2). We would like the summit to have a special focus on diversity, through the issues discussed and through participation. Workshop Proposals: The Hungry4Change organizing collective is now soliciting workshop proposals. Groups or individuals wishing to propose should submit a one-page letter detailing the topics and aims of the proposed workshop, any requested audio-visual equipment, any expenses we would be expected to cover, first and second scheduling choice (see below for more details) and why they are particularly qualified to run the workshop. Please note that neither workshop facilitators nor conference participants must be from Toronto. Travel grants may be available at a later date, depending on our budget. Most workshops will run on Friday, April 30th and Saturday, May 1st. Friday' s workshops are restricted to high school aged youth, most of whom will come with school groups. It can be assumed that they will have less background knowledge than Saturday's participants. A number of workshops will run concurrently, and some workshops may run more than once. Times will be as follows: Friday: Workshop 1: 11:14-12:30 Workshop 2: 1:30-2:45 Workshop 3: 3-4:15 Saturday: Workshop 1: 11:45-1 Workshop 2: 2-3:15 Workshop 3: 3:30-4:45 Workshop 4: 5-6:15 Sunday's schedule has not been set, and will not be until after these proposals are received. If you have a workshop (particularly related to art and creative resistance) that would work better outside the rigid schedules outlined above, make note of that in your proposal and we may plan the last day of the conference around it. Participatory and interactive workshops are particularly welcome. Priority will also be given to workshops facilitated by youth 25 and under. The Hungry4Change Organizing Collective will limit workshops based on the time and space available. We will select workshops that fit our mission statement and our goal of diversity. Unfortunately, we cannot provide honorariums. We may, however, be able to cover expenses if they are outlined in the proposal. Please email proposals to summit@hungry4change.ca in the *text* of an email message. Proposals are due Wednesday, March 3rd. The organizing collective will respond to proposals within two weeks of the deadline.
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